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Frequently Asked Questions about Surveying

What is a Registered Land Surveyor?

A Registered Land Surveyor is an individual who practices professional land surveying and who is currently registered with the State Board of Wisconsin after demonstrating his\hers competency to practice.

Registration is earned through years of experience, education and successful completion of a series of licensing examinations.

When should I have my land surveyed?
  • Whenever you believe there may be a conflict of use on your property.

  • When you plan to sell any tract of land.

  • When your real estate, agent, lawyer, architect, municipal engineering or planning office requires or advises a land survey. 

  • Prior to dividing any parcel of land for sale.

  • Before you purchase it. This will disclose the relationship between lines of possession and the deeded property lines.

  • A bank, or lending institution may require a land survey of your property when you borrow money on it.

What should Iook for in choosing a Land Surveyor?
  • Be careful in getting a low-ball price from a land surveyor

  • Timing of the survey

  • Verbal or written estimates

  • Quality of work provided

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the land survey

What do I need to know to become a Land Surveyor?
  • Be familiar with surveying technology and CAD programs.

  • Have excellent math, science, and IT skills, particularly databases.

  • Have strong analytical skills and an innovative approach to problem solving.

  • Be able to work to a high degree of accuracy.

  • Be able to analyze and interpret graphical data.

  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of planning legislation, environmental regulations, and health and safety issues.

  • Have strong communication, negotiation and presentation skills.

  • Be able to prioritise and plan effectively.

  • Be committed to ongoing continuing professional development.

  • Be able to work as part of a team and take responsibility for decision making.

  • Be able to work in all types of weather conditions.

What are the types of Land Surveys?



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