Condominium Plat

The recording of a condominium plat or amended condominium plat shall constitute a division, monumenting or description of lands subject to regulation and approved by the Town Board and shall be deemed as a subdivision, other division or amended plat or replat. No improvement to said lands shall be made without a building permit obtained in compliance with Chapter 13. No common area streets, easements or public dedications access shall be laid out or improvements made to land without compliance with all requirements of this ordinance, and:

(a) All restrictive covenants, conditions and regulations required by the Town at the time of approval of the condominium plat.

(b) Rules of Wisconsin State Division of Industry, Labor and Human Relations if the land to be subdivided is not served by a public sewer and provisions for such service have not been made.

(c) Rules of the State Department of Transportation if the land owned or controlled by the subdivider abuts on a state trunk highway or connecting street.

(d) Duly approved comprehensive plan, or any component thereof including the zoning ordinance, official map, and all other applicable ordinances of the Town.

(e) Applicable local and county ordinances